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Our History
Stapletech was founded in 1993 with a vision to provide services expert Mechanical and Electrical Refurbishment services in London and the Home Counties. The company has become one of the leading framework contractors in the South East. Specialising in performance related contracts, we have forged a position for ourselves as one of the most respected and independently owned companies in a highly competitive industry sector.
As the demand for specialized services increased, Stapletech diversified its portfolio to cater to a wide range of client needs. By the early 2000s, the company had added incorporated renewable energy works, demonstrating its dedication to sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.
In 2011, a significant milestone was achieved when Stapletech established a strategic partnership with Catalyst housing, formally Peabody Trust, one of the largest housing association. This collaboration marked a turning point for the company, providing access to a vast network of projects and expanding its presence in the housing sector.
Throughout this period, Stapletech reputation as a reliable and customer-centric company continued to grow. The partnership with Peabody Trust led to an influx of projects, allowing the company to showcase its expertise in Mechanical and Electrical Refurbishment across various housing developments.
Stapletech undertook a 10 - year planned Boiler Replacement Programme across Catalyst Stock, along with a 5 - day turn key Boiler Referral Programme. These additions strengthened the company's ability to offer comprehensive solutions to clients, reinforcing its position as a reputable service provider in the industry.
As Stapletech entered the 2020s, it had firmly established itself as a market leader in Mechanical and Electrical Refurbishment in London and the Home Counties. The partnership with Catalyst housing, formally Peabody Trust thrived, allowing the company to undertake numerous high-profile projects, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted contractor in the housing sector.
Stapletech's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality workmanship remained at the forefront of its operations. By continually investing in the latest technologies and training its workforce, the company ensured that it consistently delivered exceptional results to its resident's focus.
The successful awarding of the 5 years Term Alliance Contract TAC - 1, an exceptional collaboration between industry leaders Stapletech and Peabody Trust. This monumental achievement solidifies a transformative partnership dedicated to enhancing Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) building services, encompassing repairs, maintenance, and compliance.
The tender process for the Alliance Contract has concluded with utmost precision and scrutiny, underscoring both Stapletech and Peabody Trust unwavering commitment to excellence. Through a rigorous evaluation, our collaboration has been selected to provide comprehensive M&E services, reaffirming our position as industry leading experts in property management and maintenance.
This alliance introduces an unparalleled level of expertise, where Stapletech's history of providing expert and professional M&E services synergizes seamlessly with Peabody Trust profound knowledge of housing management. Our shared vision embraces cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and adherence to industry standards, ensuring that our clients building's systems receive meticulous attention.

Today, Stapletech stands proud as one of the most respected independently owned companies in the highly competitive industry sector. With a rich history of growth, diversification, and successful partnerships, the company remains dedicated to exceeding expectations and contributing to the development of sustainable and efficient infrastructure in London and the Home Counties.
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